by James Merritt

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Hell under Fire (4 of 7)
James Merritt
Matthew 5:22; 28-30


1. We are in a middle of a series that we have entitled ''The War of the Worlds'' and today the series is really going to heat up (no pun intended!) What we are talking about is the war of the world views. Remember, every person has a world view; a lens through which they see the world they live in, the life they live and it is the guide they use to make the crucial decisions about how they are going to live and what they are going to believe. There are basically only two world views--the Christian world view and the non-Christian world view. Whether is it the debate over whether we were created or simply evolved, whether there is absolute truth and what that truth is, how right and wrong are determined or what happens to a person after death, the Christian world view says one thing and the non-Christian world view says another.

2. Now, every world view is based on faith and since that faith is only as valid as the evidence upon which it is based, I told you in the first message that the Christian world view is based on the Bible, so the first question we had to raise in this series was ''Why Believe The Bible?'' and I gave you four reasons why the Bible should be believed and trusted as the Word of God. As I present to you the biblical world view of these hot-button issues you must decide whether to believe it or not. I report; you decide.

3. Today we are going to take a look at a hot topic (again no pun intended) that when discussed generally generates more heat than light. It is the topic of hell. Recently, hell was in the news in the trial of Scott Peterson. After he was found guilty, Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha spoke directly to him in the sentencing phase of his trial. She looked him right in the eye and spoke these words.

''The fact that you no longer wanted Laci did not give you the right to murder her. She was my daughter. I trusted you and you betrayed betray ...

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