by James Merritt

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Why Believe the Bible? (1 of 7)
James Merritt
John 17:17


1. Today we are going to enter into one of the most interesting, fascinating, and perhaps controversial series that we will ever do that we are entitling, ''War of the Worlds''. Actually, you could even call it, ''War of the World Views.'' World views act just like contact lenses; if you've got the correct prescription for contact lenses or for glasses then you can see the world clearly and correctly. A world view should provide the correct prescription for making sense of the world just as wearing the correct prescription for your eyes brings things into focus. As we begin talking about the importance of a world view and how it is going to impact all that we are going to talk about over the next several weeks there are several things to keep in mind about world views.

2. (1) Everybody has a world view. Everybody has a set of assumptions and presuppositions that determine the way they look at the world, their place in the world and what they think in the world is really important.

(2) There are only two basic world views - the Christian world view and non-christian world views. These world views are radically different at practically every point of debate. Whether it is answering the questions of why is there something rather than nothing? How do you explain human nature? How do you determine what is right and wrong? How do you know that you know? What happens to a person at death? The Christian worldview gives answers radically different from every other non-christian world view.

(3) Every world view is based on faith. Everybody on this planet looks at this world through assumptions and presuppositions, some of which can be proved and some of which cannot. For example, the Christian has a world view based on the belief that God exists. The Atheist has a world view based on the belief that God doesn't. The Christian cannot prove that God exists, but the Atheist cannot prove tha ...

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