by James Merritt

Kill Them With Kindness
James Merritt
Proverbs 3: 3; 19:22


1. One of the advantages of growing older and getting a few more years under your belt is the opportunity to learn. In fact, I really believe if you're not learning, you are really not living. The day you quit learning or the day you lose your desire to continue learning, your life basically is over.

2. The longer you live, the more you can learn. One of my goals in life is to try and learn something new every day. I do it either by reading a book or a magazine or perusing the internet or asking questions of people.

3. I have learned a lot and I still have a lot to learn. One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned in life is this - It pays to be kind.

4. A sure-fire way to win friends and influence people is to be kind. A sure way to tear down walls and build bridges is to be kind. Kindness can be the sweetener in the tea of marriage. Parents, you will never teach your children a more important lesson than to be kind.

5. I like the way one poet put it.

I have wept in the night
For the shortness of sight
That to somebody's need made me blind:
But I never have yet
Felt a twinge of regret,
For being a little too kind.

6. The reason I want to talk about kindness today is because in my opinion, kindness is becoming an increasingly rare commodity in our society. Kindness is becoming as rare as a conservative viewpoint in the mainstream media. We have become a society in which the milk of human kindness has spoiled. In a recent U.S. News and World Report poll, 89% of Americans think that rudeness, incivility, and a lack of kindness has become a serious problem. More than 3 in 4 says it has gotten worse in the last 10 years.

7. You will be hard pressed to ever go a day in your life when you won't meet someone that doesn't need a kind word. It is impossible, not to be unbelievably blessed when somebody sends a kind deed or a kind word your way. There is an ...

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