by James Merritt

Be Patient
James Merritt
Psalm 37:7-9; James 5:7-8


1. A first grade teacher and her class of 32 first graders had watched it rain all day long. They couldn't go outside to play and the teacher was stuck in the room with these first graders all day. The last bell had rung and it was time to go home. This teacher began putting galoshes on all 32 of these first graders.

2. She came to the last little girl and she was so excited that she was about finished with this dirty chore. She began to put the galoshes on this little girl and they were unusually tight. She struggled. She strained. She pulled. She tugged. She grunted. She groaned and finally got the galoshes on the feet of that last little girl. Just as she finished snapping them into place the little girl said, ''You know what? These aren't my galoshes!''

3. The teacher couldn't believe it. She struggled. She strained. She pulled. She tugged. She grunted. She groaned until glistening with sweat she finally yanked the galoshes off that little girl's feet. Just at the moment she finally snapped them off, the little girl looked up at her and said, ''Their my sister's and she lets me wear them.''

4. Have you ever been in situations where you couldn't decide between murder and patience? Those of you who know me very well know that patience is not always one of my greatest virtues. In fact, I guess there are two words that I hate for someone to say to me more than that anything else in the English language and those two words are ''be patient.'' There have been times in my life when I have said, ''God, I want patience and I want it right now!''

5. I need to more like the little boy I read about the other day who was in a mall. He was at the end of an escalator and he just kept watching the railing as it went round and around. A security guard came up to him and said, ''Son, are you lost?'' He said, ''No sir. I am just waiting for my chewing gum to come back.''

6. I am going to talk t ...

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