by James Merritt

Me: A Missionary?
James Merritt
Acts 1:8


1. It is probably the most well known Bible verse in the world. It has probably been preached on more by the greatest evangelist of modern times, Billy Graham, than any other single verse. Of course, I am referring to John 3:16. There may be some of you who do not know it, so here is what it says,
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:16, NASB)

2. I want you particularly to pay attention to three key words in this verse, because these three words actually form the basis of everything we are going to be talking about over the next two weeks. The first is the word "God". The second is the word "loved" and the third is the word "world." If you want to know why God is a mission-minded God and if you want to know why we ought to be a mission-minded church and if you want to know why every Christian should be a mission minded Christian, it is summed up in those three words.

3. If we love God, then we will love what God loves and God loves the world. God loves everyone in this world whether they love Him back or not. The reason why we are going to be putting such a strong emphasis on the word "mission" over the next two weeks is very simple. If God loved this world enough to give His Son, we ought to love this world enough to give ourselves.

4. As I have said to you before, God wants you to have a ministry in the church, but He also wants you to have a mission in the world. The difference is ministry is serving Christ primarily for believers; mission is sharing Christ with unbelievers. In fact, the ultimate goal of a church is to make disciples and the ultimate result of a disciple is a follower of Christ who agrees to be a missionary.

5. I know many of you are sitting there right now thinking exactly what I would have thought many years ago, "Me-A-Missionary?" The reason ...

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