by Steve Wagers

What We Believe about Man!
Steve N. Wagers
July 6, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. Man's Creation!
A. Our Unique Distinction!
B. Our Unchallenged Dominion!
2. Man's Abomination!
A. The Free Nature we Possess!
B. The Fallen Nature we Produce!
3. Man's Obligation!
A. We are Seen by God!
B. We are Stripped by God!
C. We are Sentenced by God!

* An ancient Greek legend tells of the Sphinx that terrorized the city of Thebes. This ferocious creature--part lion and part human--positioned himself on the main road leading in and out of the city. To anyone wishing to gain entrance to the city of Thebes, the Sphinx would pose a riddle. If they gave the correct answer, they would be allowed to pass. If not, the Sphinx would devour them. The riddle was simply this: "What walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon and on three legs in the evening?" For months, no traveler could successfully solve the riddle, and all those who attempted perished.

* Enter the hero Oedipus. When he journeyed to Thebes and encountered the Sphinx, he boldly declared the answer. "Man," he said. "in the early days of his life he crawls on all fours, at the apex of his youth and vigor he walks on two legs, and in the twilight of old age he must walk with the use of a stick."

* I recently came across an article entitled, "The Average Man." It reads, the average man:

Is 5' 9" tall and 173 pounds.
Is married, 1.8 years older than his wife and would marry her again.
Has not completed college.
Earns $38,605 per year.
Prefers showering to taking a bath.
Spends about 7.2 hours a week eating.
Does not know his cholesterol count, but it's 211.
Watches 26 hours and 44 minutes of TV a week.
Takes out the garbage in his household.
Prefers white underwear to colored.
Cries about once a month--one fourth as much as his wife
Falls in love an average of six times during his life.
Eats his corn on the cob in circles, not straight across, and prefers his steak medium.

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