by Robert Walker

Unshakable in a Shaky World
Robert Walker
Daniel 6:10-28

The book and the movie "Out of Africa" features the true story of a Danish noblewoman named Baroness Karen Blixen. She lived in Kenya as an owner of a large coffee plantation.

There was a tribe known as Kikuyu that Blixen had grown to love. And some of the Kikuyu lived on a part of her plantation.

As a result of financial obstacles that followed World War I, Blixen lost the plantation including the part where the Kikuyu lived. The new landowner demonstrated no concern for the Kikuyu, only the land. This lack of concern meant that the Kikuyu would be a tribe without a home.

Blixen lacked the money to buy back the land she had lost. So she tried to take her cause before the government agencies, but they demonstrated the same lack of concern for the Kikuyu as the new landowner.

Blixen did not give up though. At a reception for the new governor of Kenya, she disregarded protocol by bypassing others in the crowd and going straight to the governor himself. Shamelessly, she fell to her knees, grabbing the governor's hand and pleaded for the Kikuyu. Many around her were embarrassed by her actions and tried to get her up, but she just kept persisting that the governor look into the matter. Persistently, she pleaded that he give her his word. It was then that the governor's wife stood, and said, "You have mine."

What an inspiring story we have one in Daniel chapter six that inspires us and challenges us to prayer more than ever.

This is a great story, and a popular story. Even people who have never read the Bible know the story of Daniel in the lion's den, at least by name, or by many songs that have been sung about it.

We began the book of Daniel with a Daniel as a young man, exiled from his homeland, and taken into the king's court with many of the other noble young men of Judah. We now come to, not quite the end of his career and life, but close to it. Even if Daniel were 14 when he was e ...

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