by Robert Walker

If You Don't Bother God, Everything Else Will Bother You
Robert Walker
I King 18:36-39

During World War II when the Russians invaded Finland their planes bombed a hospital that according to international law should have remained untouched; it was clearly marked with a huge red cross on its roof.

Investigation however, revealed that shortly before the attack snow had fallen and covered the cross. So as long as the cross could be seen -- all in the hospital were safe, but when it was covered over and not visible many were killed.

This is still true in the spiritual realm, as long as the cross of Jesus is visible in our lives the enemy can't hurt us, we are safe for time and eternity, but if we cover it over with something else we become an easy target for the enemy and get hurt. Keep the cross of Christ always visible in your life! And just remember that because of the cross it is alright to bother God.

In these four verses you find a very concise account of one of the most interesting and challenging dramas in the Bible
If we were to look at the characters of this drama we would see first of all Elijah.

Elijah the living prophet of God at a time when by ten of thousands the people had forsaken God covenants, thrown down God's altars, slain God's prophets with the sword.

Elijah the Tishbite, Elijah God's granite wall knowing much of the glorious past of the now apostate nation, must have been filled with horror when he learned of the rank heathenism, fierce cruelties and reeking licentiousness of Ahab's idolatrous capital.

Elijah -God's tall cedar the man who word rough clothing but a spiritual and courageous heart.

Elijah the man who ate bird's food and widow's fare but was God's physical and spiritual athlete. Elijah the man who did not die but was caught up to heaven in a chariot of fire to be with the Lord.

Then there was a contrasting character here by the name of Ahab. Ahab the King commanded the wealth of the nation but ...

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