by Robert Walker

Indifferent to the Invitation
Robert Walker
Matthew 22:5

The narrative tells us that a certain king made a great feast, which was occasioned by the marriage of his son. It was the king who made the feast. He had planned for many. There will be nothing left out; the banquet would be a royal affair.

It was for his son whom he loved and it would be the best that money could produce. To this banquet guest were invited. You would have thought even standing room would be a premium but it was different, it was the opposite; even the invited guest had no desire to come.

They were indifferent to the bounties of the feast and ignored the benefits of the invitation. They made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, and another to his merchandise."

Cold indifference had settled upon their souls. The wealth of a king's providing did not appeal to them.

Is it not like that today, the attitude of mankind toward God and the Gospel?" It must bring grief to the Eternal heart. That attitude toward God is a revelation of the blindness and wickedness of the heart of man.

Sin has stunned the human conscience until it does not see the wealth that is in the King's invitation. Cold indifference has always marked fallen man. Let us look at the:-


I describe their rejection as one of coldness because of the disdain and disinterest I see in their rejection. In their rejection we have an example of those who are so unconcerned and so indifferent to the offer that is made to them.

When it came to King, they were indifferent, uncaring and unconcerned. In "The Wedding Feast", the Lord is revealing how people in a very clear way reject Him. In this parable they are rejecting kindness which had been graciously offered to them today, many are rejecting the gospel invitation to come and have their sins forgiven.
Have you spurned the Father's invitation? Many people do not know God because of a lack of interest. We only ne ...

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