by Stan Coffey

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How To Pass Life's Greatest Test (5 of 6)
Stan Coffey
Hebrews 11:8-11; 17-19

Today if you have your Bible I want us to look in God's Word in Hebrews 11. In this series of messages "Be All You Can Be", today I want to speak on the subject "How To Pass Life's Greatest Test". In about twenty years of formal education, I received great experience in taking tests. And I found that it was very beneficial to study for those tests, at least the majority of times. There is one thing sure if you are a believer and that is that God is going to allow tests to come in life that He might strengthen you, mature you, and grow you in the faith. If you are not being tested, then you are not growing in faith, you are not walking by faith, because without the test, you simply would be walking by sight.

There are some teachers who are very sinister. They delight in surprising you and giving you tests when you least expect it. And they delight in making the test as hard as they possibly can because there are some teachers who really want you to fail the test. Somehow in their twisted minds, they believe that if they can give a test hard enough to cause you to fail, that they have somehow succeeded. I don't understand that kind of logic but I do want to assure you today that God is not like those teachers.

God doesn't want you to fail the test of life; He wants you to pass the test. And that is why God tells you exactly what the tests are going to be prior to the test coming in your life. So in God's Word we find that all the great men of God were tested and the Lord said they are examples to us. We are going to be tested just as they were tested.

There is a cartoon about a country preacher who was praying. In the first frame it showed him praying to the Lord and he said, Lord I have never asked you for much. In the next frame he says, Lord I have never asked you for much but there is just one thing that I want. Lord grant me ...

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