by Duane Bemis

The Commander And Chief
Duane Bemis

My Lord and Savior, may what is penned on this paper be for your glory and may it be of Your Spirit.

I Duane Bemis, a bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, sanctified by God Almighty and preserved in Christ: May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you His chosen saints. May His face shine upon you and may He bless you indeed.

I was taken up in the Spirit one day and from which comes this vision. This vision is for the encouragement of God's earthly saints, His warriors. Listen now to what the Commander and Chief of this earth has to say.

The Wounded Warrior

The darkened shadows of the castle showed a form of a battled fatigued warrior. His helmet was dented and dirty. His breastplate was hanging by a leather strap, while the other strap was in need of repair. The warrior's sword was dragging behind, and as I look closely, I saw chips taken out of the once sharpened two-edged sword. This one time champion of God's army looked defeated. His shoes were untied and they also needed repair.

I noticed that the man's arms were cut and bleeding, his right leg was also hurt. The warrior also looked as though he had some sort of internal injury. Torches on the wall dimly lighted the corridor in which he walked down. Yet, I saw that these torches seem to guide the war weary man deep into the safety of his king's chambers.

The Commander and Chief took his warriors hand and led him into the secret room deep within the walls of the castle. He told his faithful servant to take off his helmet and breastplate and to put his armor in the corner of the room. The King told the soldier to rest for a while.

I heard in the Spirit, "Get yourself ready, just get yourself cleaned up and I will help you get heal. I will bandage your wounds and even put salve on them, but you must rest in order to heal properly."

While the soldier lay there on his bed he felt guilty that he was not pulling his wait on the front ...

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