by Duane Bemis

Lee Bemis

Once again, I could see into the Spirit and I was in awe at the greatness of my Savior. He is beyond our imaginations. He is beyond our human effort. He is beyond our Universe. He is just so far out there that it is beyond comprehension. Yet He is so close. It seemed to me that He was about to unleash His power in a new and fresh way. Moreover, I wanted to be in the middle of what He was going to do.

One Friday night in our home the youth wanted to praise and worship the Lord in our backyard around our little bar-b-que. Angelina, a student of mine at the time, just received salvation that week. In she walked into our home bible study. She was carrying a brown paper bag. I was hoping she was bringing some extra food to feed everyone. This night, as she came outside she asked me if she could share with the group. Mind you she just received Jesus into her heart, while the others around the fire have been Christians for a long time. I gave Angelina permission to share with us. The first thing she pulled out of her bag was male pornographic artwork and magazines and threw them on the fire. The teens were silent. She continued to pull out of her bag old sin issues. She explained that the Lord had convicted her to get rid of these things from her bedroom. She pulled out VCR tapes and threw them onto the fire. One of those tapes or movies was the "Exorcist." The other teens were held spellbound by her actions. She continued to throw things onto the fire. Soon the others arose and asked if they could go home and clean house also. The others left and about twenty minutes passed before they returned with their bags full of items that the Spirit of God wanted out of their rooms. CD, Cassette tapes, VCR tapes, and magazines filled their bags. My little fire became a big fire very quickly. Angelina had given us a beautiful example of what we know as, "Sanctification."

Recently this word has become impressed into my spirit. I awoke recently with ...

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