by Stan Coffey

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When Christ Reigns On Earth (12 of 13)
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 65:20-23

I am glad you are here this morning as we continue to talk about "The Glorious Appearing" and today's lesson is entitled, "When Christ Reigns on Earth". What happens after Jesus comes back? What happens after the Battle of Armageddon? Well, some people believe we just from that point have a general resurrection and we have the saved going in to heaven and we have the lost going in to hell. Then at that point the eternal state begins. But before that can begin there is a thousand year period known as the Millennial Reign of Christ.

So let's look at what God has for us this morning as we study "when Christ reigns on earth". We have already talked about some of the aspects of this but last time we talked we did talk about the judgment of the nations and how after Armageddon there will be those who will survive. There will be human beings who will survive the battle, not every single one will be slaughtered.

And we talked about Matthew 25 where Jesus describes the judgment of the sheep and the goats. And it talks about Christ coming in to His Kingdom. There are several judgments in the Bible. There is the judgment of sin. The judgment of sin took place on the cross when Jesus took our sin upon Him self and God saw our sin on Christ and He judged our sin and assigned our guilt to the Lord Jesus Christ. And that is why we can have eternal life. That is why we can go to heaven, because of the judgment of sin that Christ took for us.

There is a judgment of Satan. We talked last time about Satan being bound for a thousand years. And after the thousand years have passed, it will be the final judgment of Satan. Then there is the judgment at the Great White Throne. The Great White Throne judgment is to pronounce to the lost as they are raised from the dead and stand in resurrection body before God, why they are lost and why they are condemned a ...

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