by Stan Coffey

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Who Then Is A Faithful Servant? (4 of 13)
Stan Coffey
Matthew 24:45

We have been talking about the "The Glorious Appearing" and here we are already with the fifth lesson in this series and I hope you have been blessed by the series and by the book. If you have not read "The Glorious Appearing" I hope you will do so. It is the last in that series of "Left Behind" by Dr. Tim LaHaye and Timothy Jenkins.

We have learned in these lessons that He said, "watch be ready for you don't know the day or the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh". We have not yet got into Revelation 19, the actual record of the glorious appearing of Christ, but next Sunday we will be getting in to that material.

But we have been in Matthew 24 where Jesus Himself describes His glorious appearing. The disciples sensing that Jesus is in His last days of ministry met with Him on the Mount of Olives. There they asked Jesus the question, "when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the ages?" Three questions, when shall these things be – number one. What shall be the sign of thy coming – two. And number three, when shall be the end of the age?

In Matthew 24 Jesus answers these questions. Now the end of the age will be ushered in by the glorious appearing of Christ at the end of the tribulation period. Jesus Christ comes in power and glory and in the book "The Glorious Appearing" it is exciting to read how the tribulation saints know that it is getting near, that the seven year period of time since the rapture is coming to a close. They don't know the exact day or hour. They don't know the exact second He is going to come, but they sense and know that it has been seven years and it is just about time for the Lord to come. And it is an exciting part of that material when you read how they see the Lord when He comes and the events that Dr. LaHaye tries to picture when Christ actually comes. It is as thou ...

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