by Stan Coffey

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From Tribulation To Jubilation (1 of 13)
Stan Coffey
Matthew 24:29-31

Today we begin our brand new series on "The Glorious Appearing". This will be about a 13 week study of the glorious appearing of Christ, the second coming of Christ. And we will distinguish the glorious appearing of Christ from the rapture of the church. Those are two distinct events. The next event on God's prophetic calendar for the church is the rapture of the church or the catching away of the church. Seven years after that there will be the glorious appearing of Christ. And one of our reference books is the novel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, "The Glorious Appearing", the last in the Left Behind series.

We have taught the biblical background on the previous novels by Tim LaHaye beginning with "Left Behind" and going all the way through. So all of those are on tape and available to you if you would like to have the biblical background studies for all of Dr. LaHaye's novels we have them through our tape ministry here. It has been an exciting journey through all of these books and this is the most exciting to me because this is the one where we can celebrate what God has in store for us and that is the great time when Jesus will come and set up His kingdom on earth.

So in this study we will talk about a new heaven and a new earth. We will talk about the Holy City and the streets of gold and the gates of pearl and a time without tears. And we will talk about the size of the holy city. And that city that is built without human hands, a place Jesus has prepared for us. And many, many exciting things. We will talk about a time when there will be no devil and there will be no evil in this world. So we look forward to such a time. There will be no tsunamis, there will be no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no death, and there will be no sorrow. And for that to happen Christ must come and He must reign upon this earth.

When the glorious ...

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