by Duane Bemis

The Pure in Heart
Duane Bemis

Come with me as we sit together at the feet of Jesus. Let us hear what Jesus had to say long ago. Would you open your ears to hear, your eyes to see, and your mind to know what Jesus meant by His words found in Matthew. Let us be like Mary and sit down at His feet and let Him give to us our greatest need. What is that need? To let Him, Jesus, minister to our hearts. Martha missed His voice in her own home. (Luke 10:38-42) Come now and let us sit and listen to His heart beat. Let us draw closer and closer for I do not want to miss a single word of His voice. "Lord, quiet our hearts, minds, and souls to hear Your voice. Give to us understanding of Your words. We want more and more of You. We want less and less of man's religious ideas. We want to hear You and You alone."
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." (Matthew 5:8)

If we turn this scripture into the negative, than it would be stated, "Un-blessed are the un-pure in heart for they shall not see the Lord." I quickly figured out that I did not want this to be true in my life. I wanted what Jesus said. I wanted a pure heart. I was moved by the thought of seeing the Lord face to face. Could it be possible that Jesus was giving us a clue about a victorious Christian life with Him? I hungered for more and I knew there should be more to our walk with the Lord.

Does a triumphant walk with God sound good to you? Does this path lay on the road of purity? If the pure in heart see God then why do so many Christians walk in defeat? Why do so many stumble and fall into sin? Where are the visions and the dreams as God pours out His Spirit upon all flesh? (Joel 2:28-30) Where are the miracles? (John 14:12) These questions and others started me on a course to find some answers from Jesus.

I started with my own heart. I started with one question, "I do not see the Lord." I soon figured out all on my own, God was not the problem, the condition of my person ...

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