by Duane Bemis

The Carpenter's Apprentice (1 of 2)
Duane Bemis

I saw the Carpenter prepare for His day. His house was simple yet functional. His home was uncomplicated just brick and wood. There was great strength and security held within its walls. The stage was set in modern times. I was sitting in the upper balcony of a great theater of old. I saw from the balcony, the seats were lavished in a velvet red fabric. The arms of the seats where painted white with gold leafing. Yet I perceived it be a new theater. The stage was extravagant and of great artistic quality. I enjoyed the sights and the smells. I was sitting high and to the right of the stage as the play began.

On the stage there was a fire in the fireplace, which filled the air with warmth and smells of homemade bread. Everything in the room had a warm yellowish shine from the early morning fire. I could see a thin ribbon of smoke exiting the chimney. A girl walked across the stage holding a sign in her arms, which read, "The Carpenter's Apprentice." The sign was beige in color and the lettering was in dark brown. The young lady was smiling and she crossed the platform and she was scanning the audience. Once she made eye contact with me she just nodded her head as if she knew something. My attention went back to the stage and the first act.

The Master Carpenter was preparing to set off to find His next great project. The weather near His house was cool and crisp; I could see frost on the bottom portion of the windows. Only a slight breeze blew a few leaves on the local tree limbs. I looked up and I could not find a single cloud painted upon the background mural. It was though joy; anticipation and grace soak into the air with a great sweetness. One could almost touch His presence for it was that thick all around me. I could smell the fresh baked bread from His kitchen and I wanted to taste His bread, it was as though He was the bread of life. I could hear some children playing in the distance and t ...

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