by Duane Bemis

You Are the Temple of God
Duane Bemis
I Corinthians 3:16

Have you ever looked into the mirror and see yourself as God's holy temple? That is exactly how God sees us! Did you know that is how He designed us? We are the temple of God created to hold His Spirit. Are you ready to look deeply into God's holy word to understand more about who we are in Christ Jesus? I find that the majority of Christians do not know who they are according to God's word. Because of this they live on an emotional rollercoaster lifestyle. One day they are riding high on the love of God and the next they are ready to walk away from the church and other believers. Come with me as we search through God's word to find our solid foundation, which will allow us to stand upright day after day no matter what the circumstances.

Let us begin with a word of prayer: "Father of all creation open our hearts, minds, and souls to see Your design. Help us to see the hope that is before us. Help us to hear the truth from Your holy manuscript. We just need and want You and Your truth. We know that Your truth will set us free. Bless us and bless us indeed as we see anew how You look at us. Come and grace us with Your wonderful and marvelous presence. We need a word, which will fill our hearts with Your love, joy, and peace. Amen and amen."

Let us begin our quest by looking into the scripture, which is stated above. According to God's word we are His temple. According to this scripture, God's Spirit should dwell inside us.

From these two simple ideas I want to travel back into the Old Testament and look at the Temple. And then into the temple of God being filled with God's Spirit. If we are the temple of God then we better look into God's word so that we can see how or what our King wants from us concerning this temple idea. The reason we want to look into the Old Testament is according to the words found in Hebrews 10:1 that the Old Testament law of God is the shadow of good things to come. ...

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