by Robert Walker

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Product of Prayer (3 of 3)
Robert Walker
James 5:17

The Triumph for Jehovah on Mount Carmel was a great defeat for the devil. But the devil does not give up easily or quickly; and he does not take long to retaliated, either. The battle is never over. Mount Carmel was a great victory for truth and righteousness, but it was not the end of the war. That will only come when Jesus Christ comes to earth and ushers in His kingdom. Until then the battle will rage, and we must never lay down our armor until it is over.

Elijah won the great battle and I want us to the victory that he experience in our message this morning.

Now I want to take the last two words in my text availeth much. Just two simple word but you cannot subtract anything from those two words and you can't add anything to it.

If I were to say the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man will heal the sick and that is all you expect it to do.

If he said this kind of praying will save the lost that is all you expect it to do. But notice the word availeth much. And so there is no limit to the product of prayer that is prevailing before God. There are three things that I want to point out quickly about the product of prayer. First of all it is:-


You notice this when you look at that prayer meeting that Elijah went to on Mount Carmel. On bases of that altar; on the bases of that sacrifice that is about to be offered.

He lifted his voice to God and he said, "Oh God let it be known this day that thou art God and I believe that victory over the power of darkness is our first objective in prayer.

The devil does not like what we are doing here and he does not like the Bible nor does he like Bible preachers. He does not like the saints. He hates what we are doing and he will do everything in his power to hinder us and defeat us.

He will dispatch all the emissaries of hell to stop us. I want to tell you that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but again ...

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