by David Cawston

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As Long as I Live I Have a Purpose (3 of 10)
David Cawston
Philippians 1:22-30

Here is another powerful truth that Paul wants us to know about. This truth impregnated Paul's life! This truth kept him from being discouraged!

As long as I live I have a purpose.
Top five questions that adults would ask God if they were certain they'd get a direct answer:
--USA Today 5-28-99
Why am I here on earth? 34%
Is there life after death? 19%
Why do bad things happen? 16%
Is there intelligent life elsewhere? 7%
How long will I live? 6%

As long as I live I have a purpose.
This is particularly important in Victorious Living that Paul is sharing in this epistle. Why?

Happiness comes not from having much to live on but having much to live for. He wanted the Philippians to understand that he had a victorious outlook on life because he had a purpose.
-- Peggy Noonan in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I think we have lost the old knowledge that happiness is overrated..... We have lost somehow a sense of mystery--about us, our purpose, our meaning, our role. Our ancestors believed in two worlds, and understood this to be the solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short one. We are the first generation of man that actually expected to find happiness here on earth, and our search for it has caused such unhappiness. The reason: if you do not believe in another, higher world, if you believe only in the flat material world around you, if you believe that this is your only chance at happiness--if that is what you believe, then you are more than disappointed when the world does not give you a good measure of its riches, you are in despair.

Our purpose is much more than our comfort or even our daily sustenance. General Colin Powell, in his autobiography, tells a story of his first combat tour in Vietnam. He writes ''I was an advisor to a South Vietnamese infantry battalion posted along the Laotian border. The battalion commander, Capt. Vo Cong Hieu, ...

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