by Rex Yancey

All for One and One for All
Rex Yancey
Joshua 7:1-13

I had the opportunity to play junior high basketball when I was in the fourth grade. I can remember shooting at a goal with ice on the ground. I know how the ball felt when it came through the toe sack net on a cold day.

Basketball became my favorite sport in high school. I had several coaches from junior high through high school and all of them tried to instill a team concept with the players. I can still hear that slogan before the tip off of the game. Everyone would join hands and shout, "all for one and one for all."

I believe this would be a good slogan for the church. The reason that I say this is because the church is to have a team concept. We are a family. We all share in a common life given to us through our Lord Jesus Christ. If one member suffers, we all suffer, if one member sins, then the entire membership are affected.

I want us to look at some things in this story that will verify this conclusion.

1. The Demand
Israel was on its way to claim the inheritance that God had given to them. God's plan for his nation was victory. This victory was to be received by faith. This victory was given in faith as is recorded in chapter 6 and verse 2.

The Christian life is to be lived in faith. Hebrews 11:6 says, "Without faith it is impossible to please God." No matter the size of the enemy, God has already given them the victory. He still gives us that kind of victory today.

The world looms large as our enemy. The spirit of the world is the spirit of the devil. However, God has not programmed defeat into our lives. We put that chip into our computer ourselves. That chip is a lack of faith in God to give us what we need when we need it.

There was another part of this command that was important. Everything in Jericho except the gold and silver and Rahab and her possessions were accursed by God. This victory was to be a spiritual victory and not a materialis ...

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