by Daniel Rodgers

What Makes the Difference?
Dan Rodgers
II Peter 1:5-12
Sunday, May 22, 2005


On Tuesday, I was sitting at my desk wondering what to preach on this Sunday, when I received an e-mail from my brother, Les, and his wife, Priscilla, who are in Kenya. As you may be aware, Les has volunteered to teach in the new college which was established by our missionaries, Hoyt and Lois Osbourne. They will be there for a total of seven weeks. Les and Priscilla have also been visiting several of the churches in the area which were started by the Osbournes. Lester has been invited to preach, and his wife, Priscilla, is teaching some of the ladies' classes. I would like to share just an excerpt from their e-mail letter...

"We were blessed last Sunday to visit Victory Evangelical Church. This was the first church to be established in this area by Kenya Evangelical Mission. After driving for 45 minutes (at 10 mph) over narrow, washed out and bumpy dirt roads, we finally came to a lovely little church nestled in the heart of a green valley surrounded by hills of coffee and banana trees. Hundreds of families exist in this area on small plots of land of one acre or less...each one raising most of their own food. The more "well to do" will own a goat or two...and maybe a cow. No one has a car, and only a few own bicycles. Transportation is mainly by foot! Almost all of the people had walked to church. The church was full...wall to wall...with about 200 people. We had a wonderful time of worship! The choir numbered about 25 and sang hymns acappella. They were truly inspirational!

Priscilla taught the children of over one hundred, with Bible stories. Les was privileged to present the message, and again we enjoyed a typical three-hour worship service.


When I read that letter, I was impressed with the sacrifices these people were willing to make just to come to cars, walking on foot...some of them coming for miles. The church was ...

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