by Robert Walker

The Cursing Prophet
Robert Walker
Malachi 1:6
This prophecy of Malachi was given by a man whose name means "my messenger." It is most suggestive that this last book of our Old Testament centers around the theme of a messenger of God and a prediction of the coming of another messenger.
In this, therefore, we have a direct tie between Malachi and the New Testament. Chapter 3, for instance, begins with this prophecy:
"Behold, I send my messenger [in Hebrew that would be "Behold, I send Malachi to prepare the way before me..." (Malachi 3:1a RSV)
Jeremiah is the weeping prophet and Balaam is the prophet of mercy and Isaiah is the prophet of redemption then Malachi if he is anything he is the cursing prophet.

In four short chapters there are three fearful curses in the book of Malachi. There is a curse upon the generation that plays church. There is a curse upon those that rob God. There is a curse upon those that are estranged from understanding the ways of their fathers.

Now to fully understand this book we must identify the audience to whom Malachi was speaking. If you isolate this book and say it merely belongs go a group of semi-civilized Israelites in the Old Testament then we can be arm chair critics and say well it is interesting but it doesn't apply to our generation.

If you do that then you have made a terrible mistake. The message of Malachi is a message for those that will be alive at the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

The message is to a people living prior to the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ.


First he pronounces a judgment upon the generation that plays church. Now it is alright to play church when you are kids. But do you know something it is a tragedy to come to church on Sunday morning and play church.

And if you come and you are not earnest and real about the things of God then you are playing church. In Malachi chapter 2:2 we have presented to us the heart of the proble ...

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