by Stan Coffey

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How Can I Hear God Speak? (3 of 4)
Stan Coffey
Luke 8:4-8

This morning I want to invite you to turn in your Bible to Luke 8. In this series of messages, we are talking about "God's Will For My Life". We want to be in the will of God for our life. And today we want to talk about "How Can I Hear God Speak". How can I know and hear God speaking to me, because if we are going to know God's will we have to hear from God.

Now, as we talk about God's will for our life, we consider how can I hear God speak to me, you have to answer the question first, does God speak to people? We know He spoke to people in the Bible. The Bible talks about people hearing the Word of the Lord, the Word of the Lord coming to certain people. Jesus spoke to many people when He was on this earth to huge crowds and small audiences, one on one. But does God speak to people today?

A lot of times, people use this term very casually – "well the Lord told me so and so" or "the Lord said to do this". I believe with all of my heart God speaks but I don't think that people always are as careful as they ought to be when they say "the Lord said this and the Lord said that". We need to make sure that we have heard from the Lord when we use the term.

One famous preacher said not too long ago that God told him if the people didn't give 10 million dollars to that ministry by a certain date that God was going to kill him and take him to heaven. Now if he said the Lord told him that, who am I to say the Lord didn't tell him that. It just bothers me that some of the members of the building committee want me to try the same thing! They want me to say if the Lord doesn't get this building built soon, then he is going to take me to heaven! That worries me a little bit!

People are always saying "the Lord told me this and the Lord told me that" and you can manipulate people if you always say the Lord told me. For instance some of you single men say ...

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