by Robert Walker

The Tomb Was Empty
Robert Walker
Matthew 28

Adrian Rogers and his wife, Joyce were in Russia before Lenin's tomb was torn down. It was an attraction for tourists to go through the mausoleum where Lenin's body was on display. You probably remember that his body was in an enclosed casket that was open for viewing and they had kept it this way for many years.

Now you know that when Lenin was still in that encryptment, they would take him out every so often and they would wash him with a chemical. Of course, they never did this in public because as you know, you're not supposed to wash your dirty Lenin in public.

People were given strict instructions that as they walked through this mausoleum they were not to speak a word. Doctor Rogers said about his wife, ''she normal follows all kinds of rules, but as they got to every guard, Joyce Rogers said, ''My Jesus is alive.'' Every guard she said, ''My Jesus is alive. My Jesus is alive.'' And not one of the guards made any remark back to her.

It was dark as they arose that Sunday morning. The two got up and put on their garments grabbed their spices and headed out on the dirt road that leads out of the city.

As they headed out on the road and as the sun began to rise the path was lined with many dark shadows... but no shadow or darkness could compare with the darkness that hovered over their soul.

As they walked up the path towards the tomb thoughts and sights of the last week -- ripped through their minds like violent tornados.

They had been there when Jesus rode in on the colt before thousands shouting his praises, what an incredible moment that was. But unfortunately their minds and the events of last week didn't stop their.

Try as they might they couldn't stop those other thoughts, those terrible scenes from playing out again and again in their minds.

They saw Jesus tied to a post a Roman scourge filled with broken pieces of pottery, glass and bones ripping across His back. As they recall ...

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