by Robert Walker

When God Comes Down
Robert Walker
Isaiah 64:1
"In a certain town there had been no Revival for many years; the Church was nearly extinct, the youth were all unconverted and desolation reigned unbroken. There lived in a retired part of the town an aged man, a blacksmith by trade, and of so stammering a tongue that it was painful to hear him speak. On one Friday, as he was at work in his shop alone, his mind became greatly exercised about the state of the Church and of the impenitent. His agony became so great that he was induced to lay by his work, lock the shop door, and spend the afternoon in prayer.
"He prevailed, and on the Sabbath called on the minister and desired him to appoint a 'conference meeting.' After some hesitation, the minister consented, observing however, that he feared few would attend. He appointed it the same evening at a large private house. When evening came more assembled than could be accommodated in the house.
All were silent for a time, until one sinner broke out in tears, and said if anyone could pray, would they pray for him. Another followed, and another, and still another, until it was found that persons from every quarter of the town were under deep conviction.
And what was remarkable was that they all dated their conviction at the hour the old man was praying in his shop. A powerful Revival followed. Thus this old stammering man prevailed, and as a prince had power with God."-Char. G. Finney.

The chapter here before us, like many other sections of the Word of God, deals with the theme of revival. The great question confronts us in our age – How is the Christian church to recover in our nation from its terrible decline?

The church attendance has been going down over the last twenty to twenty-five years; their Sunday School have shrunk; there are fewer people coming now to worship services than there used to be; there is less power in the witness.

Above all, when the Gospel is preached it seems to fall on deaf ears as ...

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