by Robert Walker

Profile of a Balance Life
Robert Walker
Galatians 5

In medicine we call it Homeostasis, a tendency toward keeping a relatively stable internal environment in the body. In life, we call it BALANCE.

Consider for a moment a snowflake; exclusive and unique balanced symmetrical and it testifies to the balance of God. Think about the atom the smallest particle of matter that makes up all matter that we know. It is so small that it numbs the imagination. The diameter is less than one-hundred millionth of an inch. In essence nothing but empty space to the point that if you should compress it to it very core you could take a building like the Empire State building and compress it into a space no larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil. God has put in His creation the effect of balance.

The idea itself is an icon of the current age. It is the goal of most people at some level of their lives.

It's something we are all aware of and think about frequently. For many of us it can feel unattainable.

Where people of past generations might have acceptingly sacrificed their health, their relationships, their passion, their personal growth, etc., we are a generation who wants it all and believes we can have it all. Realistically it all boils down to living a balanced life.

I am very interested in the Balance Life because I am at a time in my life where the desire to live a balanced life and the challenges to its fulfillment are perhaps the strongest they have ever been. These challenges bring pressure against the balanced life.

Most people I speak with will admit that they struggle daily with the issues of life's balance. No matter what their work, family situations, desires and responsibilities, everyone is constantly moving toward or away from balanced lives.

But the element of mastery that is essential to enjoying life's journey is to keep it balanced. And like any form of growth and skill, the process will always be in evolution.

When nature g ...

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