by Steve Wagers

Wait Till You See My Brand New Home! (3 of 4)
Series: Heaven Born, Heaven Bound
Steve N. Wagers
Revelation 20:1-27
May 22, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. Heaven's Population!
A. The City that Awaits Us!
B. The Crowd that Amazes Us!
2. Heaven's Transformation!
A. Former Things we will Never Encounter!
B. Future Things we will Ever Enjoy!
3. Heaven's Jubilation!
A. The Saints will be Welcome!
B. The Savior will be Waiting!

* In recent years we have heard much about the term "Desertification." It is a study in which many scientists seek to prove that the world is rapidly turning into a desert. The scientists who study climate, water control and ecology have devised a clock they call "the Time Bomb of Desertification."

* According to them, at the present rate of 67 million acres per year, there will be no fertile land left in about 200 years, which they refer to as "earth's midnight" on the clock. These scientists have forecast the future with apocalyptic gloom. Studies are now underway to determine how to slow down this process.

* These scientists claim that all of the earth will eventually become so cold that it will not be able to sustain life as we know it today. Thus, to prepare for that impending day of doom, these space scientists believe that mankind must look beyond this galaxy to find a new place suitable for life.

* As we look into God's Word, as believers, we are able to "look beyond this galaxy to a new place suitable for life." It is a place called Heaven. It is a place reserved for every blood bought, born again child of God. The Bible teaches us that once we are Heaven born we become Heaven Bound.

* In our text, John catches a glimpse into this blessed, and beloved city of God. It's an amazing thought to think that a 1st century man, exiled on a small isle called Patmos, was able to look thousands of years into the future to see the place that God has prepared for those who know the Lord Jesus Christ. But, in ...

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