by Stan Coffey

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Victory Over Failure (5 of 6)
Stan Coffey
Luke 5:1-11

Now one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated by Satan is that if you fail in certain areas of your life, that God is not going to be able t use you. That if you try and try and try to do the very best you can and that is not good enough that some how you are put on a shelf and you are just not worthy to be used of God. Well, folks, I want to tell you the Bible has story after story to the contrary. As a matter of fact the Bible says, that God has never had anything but imperfect material with which to work.

In fact the story of Adam and Eve is the story of Adam and Eve who failed and who sinned against God. But failure was not final for Adam and Eve learned the plan of redemption. And they learned that in God there was another chance.

I think about the story of Abraham who failed when he lied about his wife Sara telling the Pharaoh of Egypt that she was not his wife but his sister. But Abraham was not a failure, he came back to be known as the father of the Hebrew race, the race unto whom our Messiah, Jesus Christ, has come.

I think of Jonah who failed when he fled from the presence of the Lord to go down to Tarsus rather than going to Nineveh as God commanded. But Jonah was not a failure. He came back and preached the greatest revival in all of Biblical history.

I think of Sampson who failed when he allowed the devil to learn the secret of his great strength. And he got his hair cut in Delilah's barbershop. But Sampson was not a failure. He came back and destroyed more of the enemies of God in his death than in all of his life.

I think about David who failed when he committed the sin of adultery. And then the sin of murder to cover up his adultery. But David was not a failure. He came back to be the sweet singer of Israel, to write many of the Psalms in our Bible.

You see the Bible if it says anything tells us that failure is not fina ...

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