by Stan Coffey

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Victory Over Fear (1 of 6)
Stan Coffey
II Timothy 1:6-12

God does not want you to be in bondage to fear. You see, Paul says I have problems too. I am in prison. I am going through difficulty too. All of us face the problem of fear. A modern psychologist have talked about the fears that are plaguing America. And he has catalogued these fears from A to Z, giving at least one fear for each letter of the alphabet. He began with A – acrophobia which is the fear of heights and he ended with Z – zoophobia which is the fear of animals.

Now you take acrophobia, the fear of heights, and zoophobia, the fear of animals and put it together and you have the fear of mountain goats! Is anybody of them? Well, he catalogued them from A to Z and he began with A. He talked about acrophobia, agoraphobia which is the fear of wide open places. You can't live in West Texas if you have that one, amen? He talked about claustrophobia, that is like being on an elevator, afraid of a closed in kind of place. And then there is neophobia, that is people who are afraid of new things. There are a lot of Baptists in that group, amen!

Someone said the seven last words of the church are – "we never did it that way before"! But thank God we are not like that in this church; we want to try anything we can as long as it reaches people for Jesus. It doesn't matter whether we did it before or not.

Then there is ergophobia, comes from the Greek word "ergos", which means work – people who are afraid of work. There are a lot of people like that! One fellow said I am not afraid of work. It doesn't bother me a bit; I can lay down right beside it and go to sleep anytime!

And then there is pathophobia, that is the fear of catching a disease. These are people who are always washing their hands, always trying to avoid people who are ill because they are afraid of catching the germs.

Then there is anthrophobia it comes from "anthropos", ...

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