by Stan Coffey

Sudden Impact
Stan Coffey
II Peter 3:10-13

This morning I would like for you to turn to II Peter 3:10. I want to speak on the subject "Sudden Impact". Peter speaks of a time in God's future; God's future plan for this earth when there will be a sudden impact. I do not believe that the earth began with a big bang but I do believe the earth will end with a big bang. Here is where the Bible says that the heavens and the earth as we know it will end with a huge explosion. In fact an explosion so great that it will melt the very elements of the earth, air, fire, water, and earth will be melted by the power of Almighty God when the time comes for Him to replace this earth with a new earth and a new heaven.

In the movie "Sudden Impact", Morgan Freeman plays the President of the United States. He is informed that a giant meteor is headed for planet earth. And when this meteor strikes planet earth it will be so massive. It will be so hot. The temperature will be at such a degree that when it strikes the earth, most of the earth and its population will be destroyed. In fact, only a few people will be left on the earth to repopulate the earth and survive after the tremendous impact of the meteor headed for this planet.

We know that scientists tell us that there are many meteors that are loose in the galaxies and we don't know all about it. But we know that this is something that God knows all about. Something God has designed in His plan. We do not know how God will do this. Will He use a meteor to do this? Will He do it by the word of His power? Will He do it by divine intervention? We do not know but we do know that a sudden impact is coming. But for those who know Christ, for those who know Him, for those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior, this will be a glorious day because it will be the beginning of a new heaven and a new earth where there is only righteousness. No sin, no sorrow, no death, no tears. It will be a wonderful day fo ...

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