by Rex Yancey

Homes That Last
Rex Yancey
Proverbs 12:5-7; Deuteronomy 6:4-15

Jesus gave a parable in the NT about a man who built his house on the sand and about a man who built his house on a rock. I am sure Jesus was referring to the foundation that people choose for their lives. However, I believe we can use this parable to characterize our homes.

The person who built his house on the sand probably saw the aesthetic beauty of his lot. He thought of the sand as a good place for his children to play. He was probably close to the water. It was like a resort area.

The problem was that the man gave little thought to the fact that this might be a bad location in bad weather. He thought for the moment and not for the future. That is so characteristic of this twenty first century. This man had no foresight.

Lot was like this man. He saw the fertile plains of Sodom. He knew it was the best real estate deal between himself and Abraham. However, he gave no thought to the wicked city and the influence it would have on his children. He lost his family over a good business deal.

The man who built his house on the rock had foresight. He knew that bad weather was inevitable, so he prepared for it.

When the storms came, the house built on the sand was destroyed but the house built on the rock lasted.

That brings me to say today that only the homes that are built on the rock will last the storms of time.

How do we build homes that last?

1. The home has a spiritual purpose. How can I say that? God created man in his own image and man became a living soul. God inaugurated the home. It was first in time before the church, before the school, before the state, etc. It sounds good to say all three are equal in importance. But if priority goes to being there first, the home was there first!
Throughout the Old Testament, God was searching for a godly seed. For a child to be born in such a household then and now ...

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