by Robert Walker

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The Triumphant Plan for Survival
Robert Walker
I Peter 1:13

Many people say they do not fear death, but the process of dying. It's not the destination, but the trip that they dread.
John Newton, a one-time slave trader, was converted and became a great preacher and hymn writer in the Church of England. Two years before his death, in 1807, he was so weak that he could hardly stand in his pulpit; someone had to support him as he preached.
Shortly before he died, when he was confined to his room and unable to move, he told a friend, "I am like a person going on a journey in a stagecoach, who expects its arrival every hour and is frequently looking out of the window for it -- I am packed and sealed, and ready for the post."
You may have heard of Newton; he wrote some words which are sung around the world: "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound." -- Billy Graham, Facing Death and the Life After, p. 241.
Do you have a Triumphant Plan for Survival? Do you deliberately gird up mind for the things of God? Do you desire to be Holy. I want to share with you the Triumphant plan


Peter wrote these letters to a church under persecution.
To be a Christian mean you could lose your property. To be a Christian meant you could lose your family. To be a Christian meant you could be deported to another country. To be a Christian meant you could die as a martyr death.

And Peter says In I peter chapter one being with verse 13. So brace up your mind as men who know what they are doing.
Rest the full weight of your hopes on the grace that will be yours when Christ reveals Himself.

Live as obedient children before God and don't let your character be molded by the desires of you ignorant days. But be holy in every department of your life as Phillips translation puts it.

For he who calls you he Himself is holy. For the scriptures says you are to be holy because I am holy. And if you pray to a Father who judges the actions of all men witho ...

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