by Robert Walker

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Triumphant in Time of Oppression
Robert Walker
Judges 6:11-12

When Charles Haddon Spurgeon was just 19 years of age he was called to pastor Park Street, Church in London. He was convinced a mistake had been made and that the invitation to pastor the church was intended for another man by the same name.

But understanding that his strength came from the Lord he accepted the invitation and became known as ''The Prince of Preachers.'' I wonder is God asking you to do something and you feel inadequate? Oh, remember that God's commands are God's enabling!

Well Gideon felt Unworthy, unfit, unqualified

The Midianites were terrorizing the nation of Israel. The Midianites were a tough band of Belgium people on the south desert country south of Palestine and they had attacked and invaded and subsequently conqueror Israel.

For seven years they had kept them under control through a severe economic pressure and at times they would send raving bands and they would burn their fields and waste the trees and slaughter the cattle and kill the people and deplete the herds.

It was a time of oppression for Israel and one of the most difficult periods in all of their history. It so back until they left their home; they left their farms; they left their cities and they ran to the mountains to get away from the fierce hand of Midianites.

There they lived like animals in caves and in dens and underneath boulders making the rocks into their homes. They planted secret gardens and put in secret crops and harvested them at night.

But anyway you look at it it was tough times for the Israelites. It was a time of panic and in this setting we meet a man by the name of Gideon and subsequently we know him as a great man of valor and power and he was a great warrior with great courage.

The name Gideon means ''hewer or feller,'' an apt name for he was called by God to fell the enemy. This did not automatically mean that Gideon was a man of courage, indeed the first pict ...

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