by David Cawston

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God Blesses the Generous (3 of 7)
David Cawston
Luke 6:38

Poverty is a mindset and it is rampant in our culture. The problem with a poverty mindset is that you allow something other than God to be your lord. You can't do what God wants in your life because of your own insecurity.

Illus. Tipping man at the airport.
Picking up the bill at dinner.
Inviting a friend out to eat!
Giving money to a person in need.

God wants you to become a generous person so that you can do His will. Poverty is fear. Generosity is faith.

Poverty also creates selfishness.
One of the greatest challenges that we face in our quest to enjoy the best that God has for us is the subtle trap of selfishness. Selfishness is the theme of these times. What's in it for me? Many people nowadays are blatantly and unashamedly living for themselves.
They are not interested in other people.
They don't have the time to help others in need.
They focus only on what they want, what they need, what they feel will most benefit themselves.

This selfish attitude condemns us to living shallow and unrewarding lives. No matter how much they acquire for themselves they are never satisfied. If you want to experience the level of God's blessing and favor then you are going to have to get your mind off yourself. You must learn to be a giver and not a taker.

We were not made to function as self-involved people, thinking only of ourselves. No, God created us to be givers.

You will never truly be blessed and fulfilled as a human being until you learn the simple secret of how to give your life away. To experience God blessing you have to be a generous person

What you have in your hand is not enough to meet your need,
What you have in your hand is your seed.
There is a powerful biblical principal in scripture.
"What ever a man sows that will he also reap."
If the farmer decided that he didn't really feel like planning, that he was tired, so he "felt led" to sit ar ...

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