by Rex Yancey

Separating the Men from the Boys
Rex Yancey
Judges 7:1-18

An old Indian saw some white men building a light house. He came to the grand opening and said, ''Light shine, bell ring, horn blow, but fog come in just the same!''

This is so much like our churches. We are not making the impact that we ought to be making on our world. This is partly due to church scandals and denominational divisions. It is due to churches becoming more political than ever. Churches are to rise above politics. We do not need preachers telling the democrats to take a hike. We need preachers to preach the Word and allow God's Spirit to do the convicting and the chastening.

It is due to churches not being willing to change their methods. There is a cultural war going on and many people in the younger generation know nothing about the culture of the past. Yet many churches are more interested in their culture than they are Christ.

It is due to the legitimizing of sins like alcohol, gambling, abortion, and homosexuality. The church has spoken out on these issues and lost. The world knows if it can make an issue political it will eventually make it legal.

It is due to churches being cold and indifferent and even worldly. What can be done to stem the tide?
1. We must acknowledge that we have sinned.
Judges 6:1 ''Then the sons of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.''
2. We must acknowledge that God is judging us.
Someone asked me when would God judge America? I said look around. God is judging America! ''He gave Israel over to the hands of the Midians for seven years.''

3. We must acknowledge that we are Christians.
I believe there are too many people who do not own their faith. They are living on the faith of their parents or someone else. There comes a time when it is not the faith of our fathers; it is our faith. In 2:1 the angel of God appeared to Gideon. This was a personal and powerful encounter.

4. We must acknowledge there is a sifting going o ...

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