by Robert Walker

A Formula for Growth
Robert Walker
I Peter 2:2

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I fire up the Old John Deere and mow the grass. For those of you who like to mow grass I would introduce you to bamboo grass it is found in Vietnam and grows only sixteen inches per day, it grows to 120' in height- the size of an 11 story building.

If you have your Saturday free why don't you plant this grass? If you are tired of painting your house you could plant some grass that is found in Uganda. It grows forty-five feet in two years. Just let it grow and nobody will ever see your house.

If you are interested in trees in your yard I would give to you a seed that is less than the size of an acorn less than an ounce in weight. You plant that seed and if you could live for 1000 years you will watch it grow into a giant Redwood. It will be over two-hundred seventy feet in height; it will be ninety at the base with enough lumber in it to build fifteen five room houses.

The wonderful thing about growth is its uniqueness to every individual. No two things really grow alike. In fact even in the case of identical twins there is uniqueness and individuality about them.

I. A DESCRIPTION ... "As newborn babes" (2:2)

In the preceding chapter, 1 Peter 1:23, the apostle states that they had been born again; so they, being just born of God, should show that the incorruptible seed abides in them, and that they will receive nothing that is not suited to that new nature: and, indeed, they can have no spiritual growth but by the pure doctrines of the Gospel.

Newborn babes probably meaning that they were recent converts. A healthy new baby has an instinctive yearning for its mother's milk. When things are right, you don't have to tell it to want the milk.

A newborn is someone that believed! In that moment, he was saved. He became a child of God! Thank God, when a person is saved they are delivered from the penalty of their sins. They are delivered from the wrath to com ...

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