by Ron Dunn

Victory through Fellowship
Ron Dunn
1 John 1:5-2:2

The basic difference between the Christian and the non-Christian, between a saved person and a lost person, is not the absence of sin but rather is THE ATTITUDE TOWARD SIN.. When God saves a person this does not necessarily mean that this person will no longer make any mistakes. This does not mean that the sinful nature has been eradicated and that he will never sin again; it simply means that his attitude toward sin is going to be changed.

In these verses John establishes the truth that all of us sin and then he says that if we do sin and confess our sins to God. He is faithful and just and will forgive us and cleanse us.

Perhaps someone hearing him thought, ''well, if human nature is as it is and it is impossible for us to live above sin and we are going to sin anyway and God will forgive us all our sins, why worry about them?'' We sometimes say, ''God made me like I am, everybody is this way and it's just a part of human nature and I can't help it.'' John is anticipating that some of us might think this and says, ''these things I write unto you THAT YOU SIN NOT.'' This is the christian ideal and standard which we are to aim for.

As long as we fall short of that standard, we have no right to be content with our life. Not one of us can say that we are all right, that we have reached the apex or arrived where God wants us to be.

Notice in the next verse that John comes down to reality, to where we live and says, but if you do sin, there is a solution to it, ''we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.''

Fellowship with God means that God shares all that He has with me because when He saved me we began to share in a common life and everything that God possesses is mine. This fellowship also means that we have fellowship with one another....there is a kinship, there is a spiritual relationship between those of us who are saved. This also means that our joy is complete becaus ...

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