by Johnny Hunt

Ananias: A Man of Courage
Johnny Hunt
Acts 9:10-22

INTRODUCTION: The name Ananias means protected by God. He was a devout and honored Christian of Damacus who baptized Saul of Tarsus; later to become the Apostle Paul. I refer to him as a "man of courage" in light of the biblical truth that he seemed frightened by the person and reputation of Saul, however, courage is not the absence of fear, but commitment to the call in the presence of fear. Tradition has it that Ananias suffered martyrdom later in life.

There is a great practical lesson in this passage; the ministry of obscurity. Behind many well-known servants of God are lesser-known believers who have influenced them. God keeps the books and will see to it that each servant will get a just reward. The important thing is not fame, but faithfulness. Even small wheels play a significant role in the working of God's machinery. It is unwise to covet the important honors of the church. Sometimes our greatest opportunities come in the small, menial tasks which apparently seem to have no value. On April 21, 1855 Edward Kimball led one of his Sunday School boys to faith in Christ. Little did he realize that Dwight L. Moody would one day become the world's leading evangelist.


I. A Fully Devoted Follower of Christ. 10-17 Acts 22:12-16

A. He was Devoted to the Word of God Acts 22:12

"a devout man according to the law" – speaks of a reverence or respect exhibited in action; believing. It is the Word of God that gives us our convictions and formulates our world view; Scripture served as his standard. While there is a verb form of the word devout that suggests devotion which characterizes the inner being, the soul, in its attitude towards God, this word directs us rather to the energy which, directed by holy awe of God, finds experience in devoted activity.

Attitude: Simeon in Luke 2:25
Activity: Ananias in Acts 9

B. He was a Devoted Witness of ...

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