by Stan Coffey

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Growing in My Relationships (6 of 7)
Series: Living by Divine Design
Stan Coffey
Acts 4:31-33

This morning we are continuing in the series of messages called ''Living by Divine Design''. God designed us before we were in our mother's womb. He knew every part of us. He had a design for our life. And we have been talking about the ways to know the divine design of God for us and to live by that design.

With an acrostic of the word design we learned that the first step was to determine the values that matter the most to you. And then harmonize your life with those values and live according to those values and convictions. And then evaluate how God has uniquely shaped you or made you for a purpose. Your gifts, your abilities, your personality, your makeup – evaluate that. And then number three, surrender your life completely to God from this point on. God is not so interested in the mistakes of the past. He is interested in the direction of your feet, the direction of your future. And then identify your life mission. All of us have a mission in life, something God wants us to accomplish. And we need to identify that so that we can move toward the goal.

And now today we are going to talk about the letter ''G'' – grow in the skills, habits, and relationships that will help us to sustain our life mission over the years of our life. Grow in the relationships that will be needed to help us to accomplish what God designed us to accomplish. All of us are going to need relationships. We cannot accomplish what we are going to accomplish on our own.

I want us to look at Acts 4:31. And as you know there had been a mighty revival in the early church in this context. Many people had been saved; therefore, they had a relationship with Christ. But a relationship with Christ needed to be strengthened by a relationship with one another as believers. So they banded together, that is what this verse is about. And it has something to say to us about the importance of Chris ...

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