by Stan Coffey

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Never Turn Back (7 of 7)
Stan Coffey
Acts 20:24

Today we want to look at our final message in the series "Living By Divine Design". If you will, take your Bible and turn to Acts 20:24. In following this acrostic D-E-S-I-G-N, "D" – determine the values that are important to you and bring your life in to harmony with those values; "E" – evaluate how God has uniquely shaped and gifted your life; "S"- surrender the rest of your life from this point on to God to use for His glory; "I" – identify your mission in life; "G" – grow in the skills, habits, and relationships that you need to help you sustain your mission; and today "N" – never turn back.

Acts 20:24 (NIV) "...I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me..."

Then in II Timothy 4, Paul is coming to the end of his life. He knows that soon the executioner will come and they will call his name. They will unlock the chains from his hands and have him lay his head on the block. Then the sword will be raised high and the executioner will deliver the final blow. And he knows his life on earth will be over. And in view of that Paul says in II Timothy 4:7, "I have finished the race."

You know I have never had an overwhelming desire to run in one of those marathons. Some of you are motivated to do that and I want to congratulate you for that, I commend you for that. I think that is wonderful. And they are always having people on Good Morning America after the New York Marathon and they interview some 98 year old man or woman that made the entire race. And I think dear Lord; I can't make the race down to the end of the block! And here they are 98 years old and they made the entire race. They finished the race.

But have you ever noticed that those races begin with a whole lot of folks at the beginning of the race, just a multitude of people, but as the race continues on, people begin t ...

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