by Stan Coffey

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Surrender Your Life To God (4 of 7)
Stan Coffey
I Peter 4:2

Today as we look at our series, "Living By Divine Design", I am going to give you an acrostic – DESIGN – living by divine design. We have talked about the first two, the first step in finding God's plan for your life is determine the values that matter most in your life, bring your life in to harmony with what you believe is important. The second one we talked about last time, evaluate how God has made you and how God has uniquely made you for a purpose. So evaluate the strengths, abilities and gifts that God has given to you because they tell you something about what God wants to do in your life and how God wants to use you.

Now today we are going to talk about number three and that is surrender the remainder of your life to God's design and rely on God's power to accomplish it. There is somebody here this morning who says it is too late for me, I have blown it. I have wasted most of my life. It is too late. Folks, God is never out of it. It is never too late to start over. It is never too late to begin a commitment to God. So from this point on, for the remainder of your life, if you want to live by God's plan, fulfill all God has for you, then you must surrender all that you are to God from this moment on in your life.

I Peter 4:2 (NIV) "...From now on live the rest of your lives controlled by God's will not by human desires."

God has a will for your life. We are calling that, God's design for you. And this step, surrendering your life to God is based on this truth in God's Word, living by God's will not by your plan. Then in Romans 6:13, the Bible talks about our bodies, our minds, all that we are. It talks about the fact that they will either be instruments for Satan to use or instruments for God to use. And he admonishes us, "give your selves completely to God every part of you." You want to be tools in the hands of God to be used for ...

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