by Jeff Ginn

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An Unsung Hero (8 of 8)
Series: Risking to Rescue
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Acts 9:10-22
February 22, 2004

a. Billy Graham is a household name. Preached face to face to more than 210 million people in over 185 countries. More than 3 million recorded conversions during that time span have been recorded. Authored more than 20 books. He's been the minister to America's presidents, celebrities, and world statesmen. He is a hero to many. His face is easily recognized.
b. Let me sing the song of an unsung hero. Mordecai Ham was preaching when Billy Graham came to Christ. More than 300,000 converts came to Christ under his fiery ministry.
c. Ham, "a hog-jowl and turnip green" preacher, as he described himself, was a fearless preacher. When Ham preached, revival broke out. In a 1901
meeting, the moonshine crowd gathered around the church where Ham was preaching, threw rocks at the church, unharnessed the horses, and stole everything they could. Ham went to the leader of the moonshiners. The man pulled a knife on Ham, prompting Ham to tell him, "Put up that knife, you coward. . . . Now I'm going to ask the Lord to convert you or kill you." The bootlegger left in a huff. Ham prayed and the man was dead the next morning before Ham could get to his bedside. Later that day, an explosion occurred at a sawmill, and three of the other bootleggers were killed. Ham, in the spirit of an Old Testament prophet, gave an ultimatum: Return all stolen property or else God might kill someone else. The next day, all the stolen property was returned. There were eighty conversions in that revival.
d. Who knows but that without a Mordecai Hamm there would never have been a Billy Graham.
e. Today we're going to meet the unsung hero of the Apostle Paul's life and ministry. His name is Ananias, and his story is found in Acts 9:10-20. Because he risked to rescue Paul, history and eternity will never be the same.

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