by Jeff Ginn

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Won't You Be My Neighbor? (5 of 8)
Series: Risking to Rescue
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Luke 10:25-37


a. America lost one of her most beloved public figures last year. Mr. Rogers passed away of stomach cancer. He hosted the longest running show in the history of PBS--''Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.'' He posed the question each show, ''Won't you be my neighbor?'' It is interesting to note that he was an ordained minister and saw his show as a ministry tool. I believe I know where he got the idea for the ''Neighborhood.'' He got it from One who asked, not just, ''Will you be my neighbor'' but ''Will you be a neighbor?''

b. Running commentary during reading. After v. 29 explain why Jesus pointed the man back to the Law. Not that keeping the Law will save but it is by knowing the law that one becomes aware of the need of a Savior. We are not alright, we're just ignorant.

c.Pulls a Clintonite, ''Who is my neighbor?'' That depends upon what ''is'' is.

d.SOME FOLKS ARE CRUEL (thieves) v. 30

e. Belief: ''What's yours is mine and I'll take it!''

f. Behavior

i. Jerusalem is at 2500 feet above sea level. You always ''go down'' from Jerusalem. Jericho is at 800 feet below sea level! This is only 17 miles east. A sharply descending road through steep walled canyons and turnbacks. Plenty of places for folks to hide.

ii. Today there are still cruel folks among us! At about 3:20 AM on March 13, 1964, Kitty Genovese, a 28-year-old manager of a bar in Queens, New York, returned to her quiet residential neighborhood, parked her car in a lot adjacent to her apartment building and began to walk the 30 yards through the lot to her door. Noticing a man at the far end of the lot, she paused. When he started toward her, she turned the other way and tried to reach a police call box half a block away. The man caught and stabbed her. She started screaming that she'd been stabbed, and screaming for help, but Moseley did not stop. He relentlessly pursued her ...

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