by Jeff Ginn

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Hanging by a Thread (2 of 8)
Series: Risking to Rescue
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Joshua 2:1-21
January 11, 2004


a. Tony Orlando sang a song entitled, "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree." It tells the story of a fellow that got sent up. Did his time and wants to come home to his girlfriend. The chorus
b. "Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree it's been three long years, do you still want me? If I don't see a ribbon round the old oak tree I'll stay on the bus, forget about us, and put the blame on me. If I don't see a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree."
c. The question is, "do you still want me?" If you do, tie a yellow ribbon. To his surprise, a hundred yellow ribbons awaited him.
d. Deep in the heart of every person, a question lurks, "After these long years, do You still want me?" He answered it with a ribbon. Only His ribbon wasn't yellow, it was red, crimson. It was tied around the old tree.


a. Heaven's Risk
i. Rahab is a prostitute (KJV "harlot"). Now in the OT account the term could be simply translated "inn keeper" but the NT accounts in Hebrews 11 and James 2 clarify that she was a prostitute. Both are true. Her home was open to host others but illicit relations were realized there. Thus, the spies felt that they could enter there, find lodging, and not arouse suspicion. Wiersbe, p. 24
ii. Chris Talton, "She was the talk of the town, but nobody talked to her. Every square inch of her seductive body was lovely, but she was unloved. I guess that's the price you pay when you're the town prostitute. Her name was Rahab. She was a . . . [prostitute] living in Jericho nearly 4000 yrs. ago. Women despised and cursed her. Men leered at, joked about, and visited her. Of all the people you'd least expect God to use in a significant way it was this woman, Rahab. After all, she carried with her a rather unseemly past. By all standards of decency, she was a tainted woman. ...

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