by Jeff Ginn

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From Stealing to Stewardship (9 of 11)
Series: The Original Top Ten
Jeff Ginn
Exodus 20:15


1. Heard about a fellow that had fallen on hard times. He decided to rob a bank. Now he had never done anything like that before. So he practiced his lines. ''Don't mess with me, this is a stickup.'' However, when the moment came he was so nervous and flustered he stammered, ''This is a mess up, don't stick with me.''

2. Whenever we steal, we mess up. Whatever we steal is outweighed countless times over by what we lose. When we rob others, we rob ourselves. For that reason God says, ''Thou shalt not steal.''

3. When we think about possessions, we can have one of three attitudes.
a. What's yours is mine. And I'll take it. That's stealing.
b. What's mine is mine. And I'll keep it. That's selfishness.
c. What's mine is yours. And I'll share it. That's stewardship.

4. Only one of these attitudes pleases the Lord. Only one of these attitudes resembles the heart of God: ''For God so love the world, that He gave . . . .'' Only one of these attitudes reflects the spirit of Christ: ''It is more blessed to give . . . .''

5. God hates murder because God loves life. God hates adultery because God loves the family. God hates robbery because God loves to give.

6. This morning we need to see that God does not want us to steal. Nor does he want us to be selfish. He wants us to share with others what he has entrusted to us. May God move us this morning from stealing and selfishness to faithful stewardship of all that He has entrusted to us.


1. Human level.
1. Texts
1. Exodus 20:15 says, ''You shall not steal.''
2. Ephesians 4:28 says, ''Let him who steals steal no longer.''
2. Techniques
1. Obvious
1. There are the obvious ways that we know the Bible forbids. An example would be shoplifting.
1. Estimated 23,000,000 shoplifters in our nation today.
2. That means that roughly one out of ten pe ...

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