by Jeff Ginn

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The One and Only (2 of 11)
Series: The Original Top Ten
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Exodus 20:3


There are basically two kinds of people in life: those who follow instructions and those who don't. I began life as one who did not follow directions. I would empty out the contents of a kit and begin assembly, too impatient to read the instructions and too conceited to think that I needed them. But I have slowly become a very committed instructions follower! I've been humbled too many times.

Several guys helped me recently put together a basketball goal in my back yard. As we neared the end of the process, I realized that I had incorrectly installed some washers early in the process. We had to go back and reverse some of the work we'd done earlier so that we could correctly assemble the hoop. It worked superbly once we got everything in order. A small mistake that messed up the whole process.

Life only works when we follow the instructions. Today we are looking at step one in the instruction book: You shall have no other gods before me. Unless and until we have our relationship right with God we will never have our relationships with others right.


Eliminate Rivals

I thought it strange that there was no period after ''gods.'' Was it o.k. to have other gods as long as they are not ''before Him?''

No! A more literal translation is, ''You shall have no other gods in my sight.'' It is not that he is to be first among many. He is to be the one and only! He is to reign without rival.

Let's suppose that I walked in with another woman on my arm. My wife would be shocked. To comfort her, I might say, ''Now Nell, don't worry. You'll always have first place in my life. This girl will be second.'' How many of you think that that would fly? Let me assure you, it would not!

I don't want to be my wife's favorite love. I want to be her one and only love.

In a higher and sweeter sense, God wants to be our one and only Sovereign ...

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