by Jeff Ginn

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Getting Off on the Right Foot (1 of 4)
Series: Home Improvement: How to Open the Door to a "Home Sweet Home"
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Genesis 24
February 25, 2001


1. One of the crying needs of our day is for the family to be strengthened. There are assaults on the family that threaten it. Satan's heaviest artillery is trained on the family. Rampant and repeated divorces. Living together without marriage. Homosexuality and "alternate lifestyles." The birth of precious children without wedded parents. Children without the care of a father or mother. The situation is critical.
2. God's word has something to say to the American family. He has something to say to your family. Today we are starting a series of messages entitled: "Home Improvement: How to Open the Door to a "Home Sweet Home [BRING UP OTHER SPOTLIGHTS ON THE RAGERS]."
3. Recently [I TURN TO FACE THE RAGERS] I read of a man who was with his wife preparing for the day. As they busied about he noticed that she had buttoned the bottom button on her cardigan through the second hole, and so on, and on, 13 times. Then, discovering a button spare, she realized what she had done [BURTON AND BONNIE FREEZE LOOKING AT EXTRA BUTTON]. "How many mistakes had she made?" "One or thirteen?" [KILL BURTON AND BONNIE'S SPOTLIGHTS] "Thirteen," he explained, "because she made one fundamental mistake at the beginning [LIGHTS COME UP FULLY]."
4. Many marriages today are struggling or have failed because mistakes were made at the beginning. My hope is that we can get things right from the beginning. I want to preach today on the topic, "Getting off on the Right Foot."
5. Three steps to get off on the right foot.
1. Step one: Parents
2. Step two: Parameters
3. Step three: Prayer

2. STEP ONE: PARENTS (24:1-4)
1. Address the parents
1. The first thing we read in the story of Isaac's marriage is "Abraham." Dad was involved.
2. Ephesians 6:4, "Fathers, do not exasperate your children ...

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