by Rex Yancey

God's Word Is Forever Settled
Rex Yancey
Psalm 119:89

Psalm 119 is an acrostic Psalm. It is an alphabet of prayers and reflections on the Word of God, giving each Hebrew letter its turn to introduce eight successive verses on the subject. The word "law" means to teach, or direct." A precept means "One who pays close attention to the instructions of the Lord, as of one who cares about the details.

God's Word gives direction. "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my pathway," Psalm 119:105. Jewish people wore sandals with a place at the front of them for a candle. They would light this candle and it would give them light for the next step in the darkness. God's Word is a candle that gives us directions for the next step of life. Our problem is that we want to see all the directions of life at one time. Or, we want follow and obey the instructions we have.

God's will is not like looking at a road map before we go on a journey. However, after we have made progress on the journey, we can look back and see where God has led us to where we are.

Teachers of long ago would write an example of an alphabetical letter and allow the student to follow her example. Then the next student would follow the first student's example. The letter would become more distorted all the time. The same can happen to us. We must go back and follow the initial example.

One problem of our age is that people are not paying close enough attention to details. Man's word is nebulous, hazy, transitory, unpredictable, and temporal. But God's Word is eternal. Man's word is shortsighted. What can I get out of this now? This question gives no thought to the results of the long term effects. Man's word will lead one to the darkness of philosophy. He may be an educated philosopher, but he is a lost philosopher. Man's word will lead to materialistic success. Humanity produces successful lost materialists.

If God's Word is the absolute authority, and I b ...

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