by Ken Trivette

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Grace That Is Always Sufficient (1 of 4)
Series: Amazing Grace
Ken Trivette
2 Corinthians 12:1-10

The Bible has much to say about grace. It is a word that found more than 150 times in the New Testament. What a magnificent word it is. What a glorious subject it is. The more you learn about grace the more you agree with John Newton that grace is indeed amazing. A few years ago there came out a song that said that there is no other word for grace but amazing. There are many words for grace and amazing is certainly one of them.

For a few weeks I want us to think about God's amazing grace and all that it means to us as Christians. Today I want you see that God's grace is always sufficient. Fred Scott Shepard wrote:

My grace is sufficient, O lost one!
Thy soul to redeem from its woe,
To give you a perfect salvation,
To keep you wherever you go.

My grace is sufficient, O weak one!
The bondage of sin to remove;
My strength is made perfect in weakness,
Then seek for this strength from above.

My grace is sufficient, I tried one!
To meet every testing and need;
Whatever may be the requirement,
My grace is sufficient indeed.

My grace is sufficient, O dear one!
Yes, even for death's trying hour;
This foe I have met and vanquished;
No need, then, to fear its dread power.

In either life or death, God's grace is sufficient. Today I want us to look at Paul and the circumstances in which God declared to him that His grace is sufficient. John MacArthur states that second Corinthians 10-13 is probably the most emotionally charged text Paul ever wrote.1 It was written at some of the most distressing and difficult times of his life. However, Paul's circumstances placed him in a position to learn that God's grace is always sufficient.

Let's learn of the sufficiency of God's grace by first thinking about:


As Christians we should never get the idea that we are immune from problems. Some people seem to think t ...

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